Social Impact Entrepreneurs is an organization built around sharing positivity and professional recognition for individuals who engage in social impact projects.

We help individuals with both professional and personal development through our Find Your Why workshops and Social Impact Academy.

Our purpose is to shine a light on business owners who create social impact through social sharing, media, and publishing.

We are a community of storytellers, leadership facilitators, and brand advocates for individuals doing good in social and business.

Our founder, David C. Bonk, developed our Find Your Why Workshops, where individuals have been able to uncover their unique “Why” (purpose) in their life and in their business.

From a place of inspiration, individuals are able to formulate and grow a social impact project or initiative to incorporate into their existing business.

This becomes not only their most effective marketing tool but a rich and meaningful part of their life and business that will be part of their legacy.


David C. Bonk

David C. Bonk

CEO/Founder & Creator

David C. Bonk is the powerful creator and leader behind Social Impact Entrepreneurs. He is passionate about assisting others in uncovering what lights them up in their life and business. He is moving the needle on social and environmental causes. And he’s doing it by getting entrepreneurs and businesses to join him.

Alison Masniuk

Alison Masniuk

COO/Officer of Everything

Alison Masniuk is a partner of Social Impact Entrepreneurs. Alison uncovered her “Why” and puts her influence forward through Digital Marketing, Human Resources Management, and Public Relations/Communications. Dave has dubbed Alison as “Officer of Everything” from handling policy writing, recruiting and the day-to-day operations of the company.

Raelene Tulick

Raelene Tulick

Executive Leadership Facilitator

Raelene Tulick is Dave’s right-hand leadership and workshop facilitator. Raelene’s kind heart and focus enable participants of Find Your Why to look deep within themselves to discover their passion. Raelene has combined her entrepreneurial spirit with our company all while running her own jewelry business. Raelene has set the tone and pace for others to follow and be inspired by.

Adriana Kazic

Adriana Kazic

Social Media Intern Extraordinaire

Adriana Kazic is a marketing student from SAIT Polytechnic who has joined forces with our COO to develop and expand our social campaign strategies. Having a love for photography and the creative process, Adriana contributes to Social Impact Entrepreneurs through storytelling, branding, and visual content. She is an up and coming star in the social media world.


Social Impact Entrepreneurs is an organization driven on establishing more financial abundance, career and life fulfillment, and a meaningful way to set yourself apart from the competition through our workshops and social impact initiatives.

Join a community of powerful individuals making waves with social impact initiatives.

Build your network by meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and have others share your story.

Get started today with Social Impact Entrepreneurs by attending one of our workshops or setting up a One-on-One Power session with our founder.

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