Alexei’s Story

What is your ‘Why‘? How has uncovering it impacted your life and others around you?

My “Why” is to use creativity to inspire and bring about positive change in others. Uncovering my “Why” is like a journey of self-discovery and enhanced awareness to the world around me. Having defined my ‘Why’ is like building a strong foundation to become a better version of myself and knowing that inspires others around me.

We understand you now express yourWhy in social and environmental impact projects. Please describe these activities and their effects on others. What is your vision for this area of your life?

I am aware that my “Why” will allow me to become involved in different projects including environmental causes and social aspects. My clothing brand and artwork now raises awareness and funds for animal preservation and rehabilitation. I am currently working with CWRS (Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society).

Having defined my ‘Why’ is like building a strong foundation to become a better version of myself and knowing that inspires others around me

Tell us about your business. What are you an absolute expert at in your business?

My brand is based on original hand – drawn designs for clothing and other apparel and includes original paintings. Nature and wildlife are a great inspiration in my work as well as ancient cultures, street art, and tattoos. My expertise is the ability to create designs that people connect with and to maintain a fresh, fun, and current vibe.

What was the biggest challenge you have had to overcome in your life or business? What have you learned from it?

The biggest challenge I have overcome is believing in myself and making a solid commitment to my vision. This has and continues to challenge me to grow and persevere, knowing that living my life with passion and purpose is perhaps one of the greatest gifts.

What is the one piece of advice or encouragement you would like to give other entrepreneurs just starting out?

Find your passion and develop your skills, certainly find your “Why” – this will give your business more drive and purpose. Your ‘Why’ will keep you going through the hard times. Once you find your “Why“, commit and move forward!

Other than your business, what is the part of your life that lights you up the most?

My art is my passion so it certainly lights me up. That  said, there are many things that light me up as well, my physical and mental health, travel, being inspired by others, learning new expressions of art, having a positive impact on others and building my dream life.

What current collaboration opportunities do you have, what opportunities are there for others to get involved with your projects or business?

Developing my brand and carrying out art projects allows me to collaborate with direct artists, photographers, videographers, models and designers and like – minded people that inspire to be creative and bring about positive change.

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  • Creative Innovation
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