Alison’s Story

What is your ‘Why‘? How has uncovering it impacted your life and others around you?

My ‘Why’ is to have people believe in themselves so they’re able to perceive what they’re capable of. Uncovering my ‘Why’ has impacted my life by allowing myself to step out of my comfort zone to create unique content in diverse industries.

We understand you now express yourWhy in social and environmental impact projects. Please describe these activities and their effects on others. What is your vision for this area of your life?

Some projects I’m currently working on include my partnership with SIE. I want to connect people to businesses and entrepreneurs that can give individuals the opportunity to be seen in the action of giving something back to the community. I also volunteer with Hearts & Hammers’ social media to boost awareness for their cause and as well with Social Media Breakfast Calgary. My vision for this area in my life is that I will leverage the power of social media to create positive impact and influence. I want to help share the stories of the active leaders in our community.

Tell us about your business. What are you an absolute expert at in your business?

I started my social media consultancy in January 2016. What I am striving for in my business is to become a social “swiss-army-knife”. Between balancing work, school, and a baby, I have dubbed myself a multitasker extraordinaire, aiming to deliver as many options to my clients as possible.

I leverage the power of social media to create positive impact and influence.

Alison Masniuk is a recognized business partner of Social Impact Entrepreneurs

What was the biggest challenge you have had to overcome in your life or business? What have you learned from it?

My biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome thus far in my life is the adversity that comes from being a young parent, struggling to find the perfect work-life balance for my family. I refuse to take no for an answer while crafting the life I’ve envisioned for my family. What I’ve learned from this challenge is that you have to put yourself out there to demolish the stigma of the stereotypes society casts upon you.

What current collaboration opportunities do you have, what opportunities are there for others to get involved with your projects or business?

I am always up for collaborating and connecting with other small business owners. If you have a business or social impact idea that involves aspects of social media, I’m the girl for the job. Whether you need training, coaching, guidance or even help to get things going, I offer a variety of services and often do a lot of pro-bono work.

What is the one piece of advice or encouragement you would like to give other entrepreneurs just starting out?

Go to as many networking events as possible. Get inspired by those around you. One event Dave C. Bonk had invited me to attend in the first few months of my startup was a Storyteller event. I witnessed so many brave individuals speak out about their personal experiences and what lights them up as business owners. You are not alone in your passion.

Other than your business, what is the part of your life that lights you up the most?

Honestly, my daughter is my whole world. Sadie came into my life at a very dark time and turned my whole perspective around. She gives me hope that one day, women will not be struggling in the workplace to be heard and respected. I want  her to believe that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. That’s what this venture in my life is about.

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